Surprise choice: Honeymoon in Berlin

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How do you choose a honeymoon destination when you’ve just been on a RTW-trip with you fiancè? Or more accurately, how do you afford a honeymoon after you’ve just returned from a five-month around-the-world trip? We faced this question when planning our wedding in the summer of 2013. We had returned from our RTW trip in March and were getting married in October. We tried to convince ourselves (I say we although I do think this was mainly my problem) Read More

Nordic Travel Fair Matkamessut 2014 and Nordic Bloggers’ Experience

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I spent two days in Helsinki this week. I attended a travel blogger seminar on Wednesday and the travel fair Matkamessut and an Instagram Travel Thursday meeting on Thursday. I was super excited about the trip beforehand. It was so much better than I anticipated! I had a great time and my head was and still is buzzing with new ideas. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by so many travel bloggers, both Finnish and international. Actually I had no Read More

I’m going to my first travel blogger seminar!

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I feel inspired, excited and terrified. I am going to Nordic Travel Fair Matkamessut in Helsinki, Finland this week as a travel blogger. Yay! Visit Finland and Visit Helsinki have built an interesting program for bloggers to show them around our beautiful country before and during the fair. Only a few invited bloggers take part of these excursions, but there’s also an extensive program for bloggers within the fair itself. It is the first time travel bloggers have been featured Read More

Around the World in 24 weeks

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This post is really, really overdue but here it finally comes. I’M ON A GRANDE SIX-MONTH AROUND THE FREAKING WORLD TRIP! While making all the preparations for this trip within six to seven weeks (we only bought our tickets mid-September) I was still also working full time. That means eight hours working and the rest of the remaining hours of the day packing up the apartment, packing for the trip, trying to meet friends, arranging my 30th birthday, being proposed Read More

My site was hacked!

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During this week my blog got hacked and I was unable to access it myself plus the site showed was empty except for the words “hacked by hacker”. I laughed about it to my boyfriend saying maybe this means I’ve made it as a blogger; my site is important enough to get hacked! Of course that was not the case, my web host had been attacked and lots of other sites were down as well. Fortunately the site and all Read More

I miss female dorms!

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On my past travels in Australia, Europe and New Zealand I have pretty much always stayed in hostels and in dorm rooms since traveling alone, they are pretty much the only affordable way to travel. Hostels do take some getting used to and you do pump into some good ones, some not so good ones and some great ones along the way but if you do your research (a.k.a. read reviews and comments on Hostelworld or Hostelbookers and check the Read More

Flying and why I hate it

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We started our around-the-world-trip with a series of flights. First from Tampere to Stockholm, where we changed planes. Then Stockholm to London, where we had an overnight stop. And then a nice 12-hour flight from London to Tokyo. Funnily enough the London-Tokyo flight crossed over Finland’s airspace making us wonder why we couldn’t just be picked up from Tampere since we flew over it anyway.