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I’ve read a lot of blog posts that share writer’s favorite cities, usually under the theme of cities they could see themselves living in (eg. Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site: My Favorite Cities in the World ) . My list is also about my favorite cities but I’m not saying these are all cities that I would see myself living in, at least not for a longer period time. Yes, in some of them, absolutely, and in all the them I could see myself spending even months at a time but I don’t think I’d call them home as in I’d be living there for good. These cities I just loved to visit, loved to explore and would love visit again and again.

Here are my favorite cities around the world:


This coastal city in Norway has beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, glittering sea and jaw-dropping mountains in the background. I spent a quiet morning in there, just wandering the streets and we certainly clicked.

Ålesund waterfront – beautiful


A newer friend of mine, I only visited Amsterdam (The Netherlands) first time in the summer of 2011. Oh, but the canals, narrow streets and buildings, bohemic atmosphere and the houseboats, not to mention the most-annoying bikers totally got to me – in the best meaning of the phrase.

Amsterdam – canals and houseboats. Loved it.


Absolutely stunning Lisbon, capital of Portugal, has some of the best food I’ve ever had, gorgeous architecture and so much to do and see. Just a short trip outside the city are some of the most beautiful castles I’ve ever seen, beach for the sunbathers and entertainment for gamblers and sports fanatics alike.

(Sorry, no picture. I visited Lisbon twice, in 2002 and 2003, and had a film camera – haven’t made digital copies yet.)


What can I say? I love the rudeness and silent manner of Chezks, they remind me of Finns and make me feel like home. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the views from the castle and to the castle are just mindblowing. Ended up spending five days of my three-week interrail trip here in 2008.

Gorgeous Prague castle hovering over the city itself


Although I was going through some really hard personal stuff while in Queenstown, I still couldn’t miss the awesomeness of this New Zealand city. Never mind the label of “The Adrealine Capital of NZ”, besides that Queenstown is also absolutely amazingly pretty with the clear blue lake and jaw-dropping mountains. It has this small town feel to it and you fell right at home in the narrow streets. Close by are also beautiful Arrowtown and don’t forget to taste the famous (and huge) Fergburger.

View from the top – Queenstown


Old love, but dearer than ever.  This is actually the city I feel I’ll end up living at some point of my life. I’ve lived there for four months in 2007, went back for a three weeks in 2009 and would go again in a heartbeat given the chance. Melbourne, second largest city in Australia has a piece of my heart. I can just lost myself in the city’s beat, it’s atmosphere. Melbourne is like a dear friend; one you can’t wait to meet again but know that no matter how long you’re apart it’s gonna be like you’ve never left.

My lovely Melb – view to the Yarra river

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  1. Bethany ~ twoOregonians

    Yes! Queenstown was absolutely lovely. Did you make it to Christchurch, by chance? I love New Zealand… You must add Portland, Oregon to your travel list, too. If you like NZ, you’ll love the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.A. Cheers~

    • Mari

      Thanks for my very first blog comment 🙂 It’s very nice to meet you guys! NZ is amazing, it is just unbelievable how many different landscapes and places you can find within one country! Yep, I did get to meet Christchurch before all this bad luck they’ve had with mother nature – it was pretty back then. So sad about what they’ve been going through. Definitely will visit Portland, thanks for the tip! We’re planning to do some type of tour around the USA as a part of our rtw trip.

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