Traveling alone (a.k.a solo travel)

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On all of my longer, bigger trips I’ve traveled by myself. On the trips where I’ve mostly slept in hostels, carried 20 kg backpack, needed visas, boarded a lot of flights, been sick or away for more than two weeks, I’ve traveled alone.  But for the weekend getaways in Europe I’ve always had company!

My Aoteroa

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A friend of mine traveled to New Zealand at the end of 2011 and knowing of my fairly recent trip there, she asked me for tips of what to do and see. Well, she didn’t exactly ask as much as mentioned that she would like to pick my brain. As it happened, a couple of days later I found myself thinking of New Zealand and came up with a map to help her plan her trip, to let her know Read More

Photoessay: Tampere, Finland

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Although I am very excited to write about all the places in the wide wonderful world that I have been lucky enough to visit, there is always one place that will have the most special place in my heart. That’s my home town, Tampere.

One measures time in memories

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Have you ever felt like you left for a week but returned a month later? Like you only left for a weekend but somehow it feels like you came back a week later? This is something I often experience while traveling.

Lovely Melb

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That’s what I always call Melbourne in my head. And often out loud as well. My lovely Melb. Followed with a wistful sigh. I love Melbourne. I know I use the L-word a lot when it comes to places, cities and traveling in general but in this case it also comes with capital letters.

Cities I’ve loved

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I’ve read a lot of blog posts that share writer’s favorite cities, usually under the theme of cities they could see themselves living in (eg. Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site: My Favorite Cities in the World ) . My list is also about my favorite cities but I’m not saying these are all cities that I would see myself living in, at least not for a longer period time. Yes, in some of them, absolutely, and in all the them I Read More

Expired Passport

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This is one the worst feelings in the world. My palms are sweating and I’ve got shivers going down my spine. I’m nervous and edgy. I get restless feet and a restless heart. My heartbeat quickens just for the thought of it: My passport just passed it’s expiration date.