Around the World in 24 weeks

This post is really, really overdue but here it finally comes. I’M ON A GRANDE SIX-MONTH AROUND THE FREAKING WORLD TRIP!

While making all the preparations for this trip within six to seven weeks (we only bought our tickets mid-September) I was still also working full time. That means eight hours working and the rest of the remaining hours of the day packing up the apartment, packing for the trip, trying to meet friends, arranging my 30th birthday, being proposed to… Yes, in the midst of it all, I also got engaged to my wonderful, gorgeous, loving boyfriend which made me the happiest girl in the world.

So given the circumstances, updating my blog to tell about my travel plans, just did not make it to the priority list no matter how much I wanted to get to it.

We left Finland with my fiancé on 5th of November. Our first stop on our around the world trip was London, although only for one night. Our real first destination was Japan, where we spent 11 days. Then we flew to Hong Kong where we spent a week including a day trip to Macau. From Macau we flew to Chiang Mai, Thailand where we still currently are.

Here’s our itinenary in a nutshell:

Tampere, Finland – London – Japan (Tokyo, Takayama, Kyoto) – Hong Kong – Macau – Chiang Mai, Thailand – then who knows where for about 2,5 months – Singapore – Seoul, South Korea – Honolulu, Hawaii – Los Angeles – New York – London – home

If all goes down as planned, we’ll be back home at the end of April.

This trip has been my dream for quite some time and I am so glad and so happy that it became OUR dream and that we are able to be on this journey together. I’m writing a travel journal on this blog in Finnish mainly to keep my family and friends up to date, but I do still try to write in English as well since it also comes naturally to me.

Yay, we are traveling!

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