City girl

I am a city person. What that means is not that I’d hate nature or even dislike it, not that I wouldn’t love to go for a hike, to see mountains, swim in lakes nor that I wouldn’t feel comfortable staying in a cottage in the woods without electricity or running water. After all I am a Finn and we are born to love our forests and lakes. What it means though is that when I travel I get my kicks usually about cities. I like to imagine what it would be like to live there, I like to find my way around the streets, I love to watch and meet people, I love to marvel at buildings and statues. I do love to get away from the cities as well but I don’t think I could live outside one for a longer period of time. It is always cities that I’m drawn to, cities that I have the strongest feelings about when I tell my travel stories, cities that I have the most pictures of.

My dream house in Amsterdam – I would so want to live there!

I’ve come to strongly believe in my first impressions of a city and even though I know that those impressions might have been different have I been less hungry, not so tired or in a different company, I still tend to hold on to them even after staying in the place for a while. I think a city, as a person, has a character, moods and it’s own “vibe” in absence of a better word. Like I would connect or click with another human being, I connect and click with a city. I mean, I do if we’re meant to and don’t if we are not.

This is not always black and white. Sometimes I can totally dig the city for it’s sights, architecture and looks but just can’t connect with it.  I can leave it feeling that I did get something out of the experience but also have no desire of going back. And there might be cities I’m totally happy to leave behind, that I feel like leaving minutes after arriving.

But then there are the ones that I fall in love with. The ones where my heart beats in sync with the city’s own rhythm. Where I feel at peace, where I feel excited, where just being there is enough to make me feel creative, happy and satisfied.

Want to know which cities I’ve loved so far? Post coming up!

by Mari in Thoughts and stories

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