Starting something new – so scary and so exciting

“This is the moment” I thought to myself “There couldn’t be a better moment to start my blog”. It was a Saturday evening in Finland, late July, about six o’clock and it was a evening of a gorgeous, sunny, hot summer day, one of the last days of my summer holiday 2011. The sun was shining still high up but there were signs of approaching storm in the air: wind was blowing hard and bending the trees, curtains inside my flat were twisting like crazy. But the wind was warm and soft, made me smile and feel like I was spending the night somewhere where evenings like this aren’t as a rare breed as at home.  Like I was traveling. So I opened up a can of cranberry cider, poured it into a class with ice so I could see the beautiful pink color it had, opened up my laptop, sat down on my balcony and started to write.

That was about six months ago so it took me a while to actually get down to it but here I am, starting my own travel blog. So far it has been a blast – I’m learning so much I as get along: about web hosting services, searching and deciding on domain names, WordPress, SEO, graphic design, photo editing and writing itself.

This blog will be mostly about my travels: where I’ve been and where I want to go, what I’ve experienced on my travels and what I still wish to see and do in this beautiful planet of ours. It is about how traveling makes me feel, it’s about why it has become my passion, about how traveling has changed me and keeps changing the way I view the world. It is about how I grow.

All the Million Pieces will not be a comprehensive travel guide; mostly because I don’t want it to be but also because I’m terrible at remembering names, prices, founders, years or any other small details like that. After years of listening my tips of what to do or see in a certain place, my friend says I should write a travel book called “The vague and non-specific travel guide”.

All the Million Pieces will not be about how to live for traveling or how to travel for a living. That’s not what traveling is to me although I do have nothing but high respect and admiration for the people who have chosen and mastered that path.

All the Million Pieces is a travel journal. I write about travel because that’s what I love to talk about, that’s what I’m passionate about. Travel is what makes my heart flutter with excitement, puts a smile on my face, keeps me going.

So I do hope you enjoy reading my notes, looking at my photos and taking this personal (non-specific but colorful) tour through my past and future travels and all the thoughts they prompt in me.

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by Mari in Thoughts and stories

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