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A friend of mine traveled to New Zealand at the end of 2011 and knowing of my fairly recent trip there, she asked me for tips of what to do and see. Well, she didn’t exactly ask as much as mentioned that she would like to pick my brain. As it happened, a couple of days later I found myself thinking of New Zealand and came up with a map to help her plan her trip, to let her know what my highlights of NZ were.

I’d like to share that map with you guys now as well. I hope it will help someone with their travel plans or even just give you an idea of how full of interesting things those two islands really are.

by Mari in Destinations

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  1. Wouter

    Wonderful summary, you definitely named some great highlights! My personal add-on (if I may): Akaroa, great scenery, wonderfully remote hostel (Onuku Farm Hostel). But there’s too much to put in one list, so wonderful!

    • Mari

      Thanks Wouter! I remember you going on and on about Akaroa, I just couldn’t make it on my trip. Maybe next time (the list is growing…) 🙂

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